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Power and Utilities Surveys

Power Stations and utilities are the backbone of any developed society. Failures in supply can cause huge disruption and large losses. Utilities employ large, sophisticated items of plant often operating under extreme conditions. Careful risk management is vital to minimise breakdowns and damage.

We have worked in this sector for many years and have experience with the technology used. Our surveys include detailed assessment of:

  • Gas and steam turbines
  • Heat recovery steam generators
  • Geothermal power plants
  • Hydroelectric plants, diesel
  • Oil and coal fired power plants
  • Transmission and distribution systems
  • Wind turbines both onshore and offshore
  • Water supply, sewage infrastructure and pipelines
  • Telecommunications including mobile phone networks

Corporate Bespoke Surveys:

Power producers and utility suppliers commission Charles Taylor Technical to perform comprehensive reviews including property, machinery breakdown business and contingent business interruption and liability exposures. These studies assist insurance procurement and assist the company to develop a broader risk management strategy.

Transmission and Distribution Networks:

We have considerable experience in assessing the risks associated with power transformers, overhead lines, cables and circuit breakers. Networks often extend over large areas and failures may have an impact on transmission and overall frequency stability as well as equipment damage and loss of supply. Costing models for transmission networks can be very complex and involve a variety of contractual arrangements crossing national boundaries.

Asset Management:

In recent years there has been a move towards extending the life of major utility assets to defer the need for costly capital replacement. Many schemes involve extensive refurbishment of components and changes in operating procedures which all have a bearing on residual risk. We monitor these trends and continually upate our understanding of the risks to ensure that we are able to give the most up to date assessments of risk.

Key Contacts

Doug Scott
Risk Engineer (London)

Tel +44 20 7015 2060

Richard Radevsky
Director – Charles Taylor Technical (London)

Tel +44 20 7015 2067
Mobile +44 7860 482 741

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