Cruise ship claims

The cruise industry is a high capital venture and operates in an environment of intense competition. It therefore requires a high level of experience and expertise in the marine field to protect the significant levels of investment involved. We are well placed to offer this service both before and after any casualty situation.

Before a casualty

We offer advice on different types of insurance available and on policy terms and conditions, particularly where there are well known areas of difficulties with claims which can be overcome by specific policy wordings. We can advise on procedures to be put in place to help process the documentation needed in the preparation of claims. We can also access loss prevention knowledge in the rest of the Charles Taylor Group.

After a casualty

We can provide a fully integrated claims service which includes: 

  • Developing a casualty management plan that assesses how operational issues will impact on potential insurance claims
  • Physical damage claims adjustment, embracing cause of damage investigations, status reports to insurers and interim funding of repair costs
  • Establishing the loss of passenger revenues arising from abandoned or cancelled cruises for presentation to insurers, and undertaking cost analyses of refund
  • Compensation packages and repatriation expenses where such cover is afforded.
  • Claims for personal injury and sickness can be negotiated and settled independently or in conjunction with the vessel’s P & I Club

The service is geared to facilitate the vessel resuming her trade with the minimum of delay and disruption to earnings.

Key Contacts

Richard Cornah

Tel +44 151 235 5554
Mobile +44 7785 948 830

Oliver Hutchings
Managing Director, Marine

Tel +44 203 320 8885
Mobile +44 791 772 2761

Andrew Slade
Director – Head of Marine Hull, London

Tel +44 20 7398 5354
Mobile +44 7585 888 454

Amy O'Neill
Managing Director, Liverpool

Tel +44 151 235 5557
Mobile +44 7884 114 178
Email amy.o'

Cory Chow
Deputy Managing Director, North Asia

Tel +852 2399 6138
Mobile HK: +852 92664409 China: +86 147-1440-6860

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RHL News and Latest Publications

Introduction to Hull Claims

The nature of ships and the trades they ply gives rise to a wide variety of risks and exposes both the ship itself and those that run them to a multitude of different types of losses. Marine hull insurance, possibly the oldest type of insurance, steps in to combat the effect of these losses, and is a means by which shipowners can manage their risk. This publication gives an initial introduction to marine hull claims, and the role that average adjusters play.

An adjusters’ note on the supreme court decision in “The Longchamp” 

This case involved a chemical tanker that was seized on 29 January 2009 by Somali pirates. A ransom demand of US$6 million was made by the pirates. After negotiation, a final ransom of US$1.85 million was agreed on 22 March 2009 and the vessel was released.

An adjusters’ note on substituted expenses and ransom payments – “The Longchamp”

The Court of Appeal has reversed the 2014 High Court judgement that crew wages and fuel consumed during lengthy ransom negotiations with Somali pirates could be allowed as general average under Rule F of the York Antwerp Rules. This article provides insight into both the High Court and Court of Appeal decisions, and clarifies the test for establishing an allowance under Rule F.

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