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Mutual Management

The Management Services business delivers a complete outsourced management service covering every aspect of mutual insurance companies’ operations.

These include the management of underwriting and claims, reinsurance, loss prevention and the provision of regulatory and accounting services, as well as corporate governance and company secretarial services.

We manage four mutual insurance companies:

The Standard Club

The Standard Club provides liability insurance to around 10% of world shipping. Visit website.

Signal Mutual

Signal Mutual is the largest provider of longshore workers’ compensation insurance to the US maritime industry. Visit website.


SCALA provides workers’ compensation insurance to the majority of Canada’s ship owners.

The Strike Club

The Strike Club is the only dedicated mutual insurer for marine trade delay costs outside and operator's control.  Visit website.

And we provide administration services to: 

The Offshore Pollution Liability Association (OPOL)

OPOL is a mutual insurance association, established to meet offshore pollution claims under the Offshore Pollution Liability Agreement 1974. Visit website.


Key Contacts

Jeremy Grose
Chief Executive, Management Services - UK & International

Tel +44 20 3320 8835
Mobile +44 7932 113 594

Richard Wood
President and Chief Executive Officer, Management Services - Americas

Tel +1 203 761 6070, +1 713 269 7053

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