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Charles Taylor Adjusting Global Cyber team on alert following WannaCry Ransomware

CTA Global Cyber team on alert following WannaCry Ransomware

15 May 2017

The Global Cyber Team at Charles Taylor Adjusting has been put on alert after the WannaCry (WanaCrypt0r 2.0) Ransomware affected hundreds of thousands of computers over the last few days, including the NHS in the UK, Telefonica in Spain and many others over the globe.

The ransomware locks computer systems and demands $300 (£230) ransoms in Bitcoin. Its impact continued to be felt across the weekend and a second version not containing the “kill switch” is predicted to hit more over the coming days.

We have been keeping a close watch over the weekend’s events and will continue to monitor the situation for clients over the coming days, given the potential impact this could have globally.

Charles Taylor Adjusting Cyber Risks has a strong team of specialist adjusters in Canada, USA, Asia, Australia and Europe.

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